Lecrislin Scottish Folds & Selkirk Rex


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I started my cattery in 1982 which was named after my daughters Leah, Christa and Lindsey. At that time I was breeding Himmys and fell in love with the Scottish Fold. I purchased my first fold from Jedi cattery in 1984. I then purchased Kitjim Buster Brown. I decided to focus only on the Folds until 1996 when I saw my first Selkirk Rex at a show . I got my first Selkirk Rex from Debra Sutherland La Purrfect cattery. I thank her for her time and guidance in helping me learn about these wonderful cats. 

Pictures upon request.

Selkirk Rex and Scottish Fold kittens available to approved homes.


Located near Chicago, Il
Nancy Raber

Phone: 708-535-1341

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